Accessorizing for the Future, Dzaino Studio

 Images Courtesy,  Dzaino Studio

Images Courtesy, Dzaino Studio


It’s true that a livable future must be a careful future. One that is thoughtful, well-prepared, carefully considered and even inconvenient. Supporting a reductive lifestyle means less gluttony, less “extras” and moderation of essentials. For some, this aesthetic and lifestyle comes naturally – for others, not so much. For creators Julia and Hanna, one would think mindfulness was there from the beginning and that the partnership was promised from divine intervention.

As consumers are finding notes from slave laborers in the pockets of their Zara coats, slow and sustainable fashion has mostly focused on reviving clothing, interestingly enough, accessories are widely forgotten. In a city like Berlin where inhabitants are utilizing public transportation and heading West for work and East for drinks, mobility is frequent and unavoidable. The new tools of life are cell phones, miniature sketchbooks, yoga mats and cameras and for the modern urban dweller the proper accessories can make or break an outing, or an entire day.

Keeping this in mind, Julia and Hanna have developed Dzaino Studio, a sustainable line of crafted bags, luggage and rucksacks. Zaino, the Italian word for rucksack, speaks to both the international recognition and the slower lifestyle that the Studio wishes to promote. Handcrafted, unique and minimalist by definition, all products are handcrafted in Berlin of both post-consumer waste and pre-consumer, ecologically-certified substances. Due to the careful selection of materials, stock remains limited for every product launched as to reduce waste. Currently, their collections are mostly made of recycled and upcycled denim that is sturdy, versatile and smooth, proving that one material can provide almost the same variety as using multiple and even a far-superior quality.

From a mere design standpoint, the variety in products offered by Dzaino Studio is impeccable, as is the quality. Essential oil bags, yoga bags, weekenders, totes, pico bags and gym bags are all available – everything necessary for those with an active, healthy lifestyle. The irony of the collection bears wit in the principle of “slow living,” as every single product is made for those on-the-go. However, before one smirks, be reminded that a Berliner’s life is always carefully considered, deeply impactful and eclectic. Cycling, yoga, taking three trains for the best sushi in town and long, midnight walks are hardly considered “on-the-go.” The flagships, launches and grand openings that permeate other comparable cities are still received with nonchalant shoulder shrugs here in Berlin.  And like many small-scale, sustainable businesses, Dzaino Studio is a reflection of the variety and multitude of those that still care and those that despite their plethora of other options, will still embrace what’s local, what’s different and what’s necessary for sustainability.