Love is Louder in Berlin, Eclectic Berlin

Within the fashion and design industries, most assume that the intersection of consumerism, globalization and production is “fast fashion.” The term, that equates the lifespan of your Zara coat to that of a Big Mac meal, is more recognizable now more than ever.  For decades the industry has sought to lower production costs while increasing supply - and in return you get four collections per year of vibrant, on-trend clothing that may (or may not) fall apart in your hands like the lives it’s responsible for.

Naturally, it’s not surprising that “fast fashion” hasn’t taken off as a buzzword and created a global phenomenon - it’s uncomfortable, it’s inconvenient and we value status. The sadder truth, perhaps, is admitting one’s a willful marionette in this mass-scale puppetry we call capitalism. Systems of degradation and exploitation are alive and well, and will be for some time - but complacency is never an answer, at least not for Eclectic Berlin. Pushing forward with slow fashion in a city of fast trams and even faster trends is no easy path, but Eclectic Berlin has taken their time selecting both unique used clothing and several projects, programs and philanthropies to give fifty-percent of their profits to. Whereas some of the largest fashion labels are concerned with rotating trends, sizes and profits, Eclectic is more concerned with rotating several projects in an attempt to solve a few global issues along the way. 

Currently, Eclectic is donating to The Ocean Cleanup Project, MentorMe and The Center for Political Beauty. The Ocean Cleanup Project seeks to clean up to fifty-percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the next five years - aiming to fight the injustices and crimes committed to the ecosystem. MentorMe connects female students and young professionals with mentors who provide assistance and support over a 12-month period and The Center for Political Beauty is a group of both activists and artists that seeks to raise awareness on humanitarian topics and the general protection of human life. The group particularly promotes a rejection of political apathy, anti-refugee sentiments, cowardice and tyrannical states. 


From the moment you land on Eclectic Berlin’s homepage, their priorities are glaringly unambiguous - you won’t see clothing, or models or thousands of likes and follows. They commence with a political punch and finish with a defined goal of aiding in the current wave of social revolutions that most clothing collections need not be concerned with.

Disconnecting, disassociating and dismantling current systems of power and oppression is undeniably challenging, especially when introspection and self-criticism are the first steps. Eclectic Berlin, and their clothing with a story, represents a new allegory - one of social revolution and one which hopefully will define our times.