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There’s a reason why you find yourself on Amazon instead of preparing your visa, why you catch yourself trying on Levi 501s you’ve wanted for so long after a friendship dissolution. Comfort buys and retail therapy are commonplace amongst the bourgeois - and also short-lived. In 2001, the European Union conducted a study finding that 33% of shoppers surveyed had a "high level of addiction to rash or unnecessary consumption”. This habit causes debt problems for many, yet here we are - living in a mass-producing, mass-consuming world where emotional trauma and a new jacket have somehow worked their way into the same equation. 

In the midst of your next retail therapy session and feelings of self-loathing, remember that fashion design has become one of the most polluting industries in the world. Take environmental sins out of the picture and you’re left with slave labor and wages, child labor, unsafe working conditions and human trafficking. An industry wouldn’t evolve to such horrific, epic proportions without demand - so be aware of your complacency. The position consumers are now in is unfortunate - but certainly not one where all agency is lost. tHERAPY recycle & exorcise is a sustainable and alternative fashion brand conceived by the passion of two sisters. Paula and Mariángeles Aguirre have strategically used their distance (Berlin & Argentina) to hold reclaimed fashion in opposition to its current condition of dissatisfaction and consumerism. 

 All Images Courtesy,  tHERAPY

All Images Courtesy, tHERAPY

As interested and passionate as one may be for slow, sustainable fashion, it’s not always readily available, nor is it always on the more affordable side of the spectrum. So where does one turn when they want self-expression, personal identity and a fulfilling collection of designs that are environmentally aware? tHERAPY offers an accessible and custom collection inspired by urban subcultures like punk, glam rock, Schwarze Szene and BDSM. Every piece is reworked and vintage - a wearable art form with a strong sense of responsibility. 

As “retail therapy” and “comfort buys” have become synonymous with an endless spiral of consumerism and dissatisfaction - so has the industry of fast-fashion itself. tHERAPY promotes unique and conscious DIY projects, slow fashion and an authentic approach to self-identification. Their approach is one which allows a sense of agency and self-expression, while toppling the greedy ambitions of mass-fashion. tHERAPY not only wants to dress you - they want to trigger you to a higher level of consciousness, one of ethics and morals. Welcome to 2018, the new world of fashion.