In Honour of Oma, Merme Skincare

Merme Skincare Berlin

As most parents that want success, happiness and quality of life for their children - mine were slightly stringent on certain aspects of my childhood. For my dad: Eat healthy, work out, keep a good work ethic and look at all purchases as investments. For my mother, the most important investment was your body and skin which is why I was introduced to a rigorous beauty regimen at the age of 12. 

I remember rather annoying evenings of being half-asleep as a pre-teen, yet there I stood in front of the bathroom mirror applying cleansing oil, then another cleanser, followed by serums, ampoules and finally another oil or cream. I never understood what half of them offered my future - but my mother was watching, Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest-style. 

One of my biggest arguments with my mother while growing up? She wouldn’t let me step foot in a tanning salon. Her response when I would storm off to my bedroom? “You’ll thank me when you're 40!” Little did I know I would be thanking her at the ripe age of 23, after having a reunion with some high school friends that spent their after school hours in tanning beds, year round. Yikes!

A proper beauty routine is just as important as a proper diet. If you have issues with GMOs and processed foods, why wouldn’t you have the same concerns with the products which soak into your skin on a daily basis?

Berlin, being the wonderful city that it is, offers both pommes and currywurst 24/7 as well as some of the best all-natural German skincare.  Amazing, right? One of the newest on the market is inspiring for multiple reasons. Merme is a skincare company owned by Claire Ralston, an expat that’s a previous Australian fashion model. Inspired by both a passion for natural ingredients and her grandmother’s simplicity when approaching beauty, Claire decided that offering truly natural skincare would be dependent upon who was making it. In this case - it’s her. My love for Merme was confirmed when discovering that Claire adopted Berlin as her new home due to the importance placed on practicality and simplicity. Right away, from the moment she introduced the concept, Berliners gathered around, offering support and the most intimate sense of community in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. 

Merme, the name of Claire’s grandmother, represents a perfect mix of cultures and high-quality expectations. Merme offers one, high-quality ingredient per product, allowing those with more sensitive, rosacea or eczema-prone skin to introduce one ingredient at a time. This allows one to discover what works, or what’s instigating problems. It’s an efficient, intelligent approach to the largest organ of our body.

The best part about this story? My very own grandmother believed in classic German Nivea Creme as a holy grail product - and now in the honour of Merme, I will be adding something new into my cabinet.