The Perfect Storm of Two Architects, Bullenberg

Every country has a landscape which defines its existence. In Austria, it’s the Alpine region of Tirol with crystal blue waters and snow peaks.  In France, it’s the rolling hills and a perfect amalgamation of slight drought and heat for wine country. What does Germany offer you ask?  Eerie, dense forests that are both the perfect setting for a horror film or a baroque romantic painting. Take your pick. 

This landscape has provided a historicity prone to crafts, guilds, folklore and an inherent respect for nature. Not to mention one of the best areas in the world for mushroom picking - specifically in Bavaria and Baden. It’s only natural that eventually forestry would lean towards providing goods and services, and in Germany this has swayed towards functional goods such as furnishings and homes. However, like any nation looking at the bottom line, it’s not so often that you see a family decide to utilize its beloved land for production of a handmade craft - especially in 2017.

Then Bullenberg came along. Bullenberg is the perfect storm of two architects. Albrecht of Alvensleben and Maximilian Pauen have beautiful, highly-successful backgrounds with links to Zaha Hadid, the Cooper Union and several competition winnings in urban design. Please though, don’t let the backgrounds fog the future. Tired of repetitive and overly-priced design in Berlin, Albrecht made a decision that every designer, architect and artist is left making at least a million times before their death - “What resources do I have at my disposal?”

The forest of Albrecht’s family, the Alvensleben family, is both the raison d’être and the primary resource for the concept of Bullenberg. In well-regarded German fashion, the material is not lost to the craft and the craftsman is not lost to the production. In 2017, this small-batch, cyclical design structure is one that only small-scale companies can give birth to.

The result? Timeless pieces that are 100% customizable. Perfect for larger family homes or for those who’ve finally found the perfect one-bedroom flat in Moabit - versatility is the key to modernity and Bullenberg has implemented this belief in every centimeter.