Redefining Survival, Food and Partnership, Krautkopf

 Yannic & Susann, Founders of  Krautkopf

Yannic & Susann, Founders of Krautkopf

Some might argue that the pillars of life, that which is deemed ‘necessary for survival’, has never deviated too far from what is biologically, chemically crucial to life’s systems. Only those brave enough to cast doubt – children, romantics and the institutionalized – do. Their colorful claims, cleverly posited on the edge of kooky, sound like a J.M.W. Turner or William Blake painting personified. For some, food, water and shelter means fulfillment, for others, it spells detachment from the best life has to offer. For Yannic and Susann, the founders of Krautkopf – cooking, photography and each other are the true pillars of survival.

For ten years, the couple has beat the odds of growing apart by simply growing together through food, creativity and business. “Krautkopf,” the comically honest name of their website, is a way for them to let off steam, release creative energy and value the integral roles they play in each other’s lives. Via Krautkopf, the duo presents recipes, workshops, stories, intriguing and authentic blog posts and of course, their most recent book. Despite the awards (AMA Foodblog Award, 2016, First Place) Yannic and Susann have stayed on track in their convictions of promoting vegetarian options in the meat-dominated German palette, spending time with each other – and even spending more time with you.

Organized according to seasonal offerings, specialty diets (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan) and seasonal tables, Krautkopf makes cooking healthy in the city easier and more accessible. Released in June 2015, their book can (and should) double as a guiding light in the kitchen by day and a conversation-starting, coffee table book by night. The simplicity and quality of the book design reiterates and speaks to the purity and wholeness of the recipes on each page – a rarity in contemporary cookbooks. Another facet of the Krautkopf brand is the Krautkopf app, which is convenient, cheap and provides a beautiful interface and user-experience for those on-the-go.

 Courtesy, Krautkops

Courtesy, Krautkops

The digitization of relationships has its ups and downs and for Yannic and Susann, maintaining virtual communication with readers and adoring fans is not enough – they crave a closer proximity to those around them, just as they do with the ingredients they select. From a social aspect, their passion for cooking and entertaining makes sense as it brings those together that might otherwise be double-tapping on pictures all night, alone.  “To bring people together is an overwhelming experience…” and so Yannic and Susann organize private dinner parties, cooking events and photography workshops for creatives looking to break into the food-styling and culinary industry – an industry transforming by the minute in Berlin.

In all, Yannic and Susann are promoting a lifestyle choice – a lifestyle that centers on nourishing and gathering – and one would be foolish to argue that those two concepts aren’t necessary for survival.