AA-Collected, Service as Aesthetic in Berlin

 Images Courtesy Jansen Aui, @jansenaui

Images Courtesy Jansen Aui, @jansenaui

If asked to define the pillars of independent fashion labels, one might mention smaller, more meaningful profit margins, the concern for living-wage conditions and sustainability – just to name a few. Luckily for prospective students and fashion designers this new wave of slow fashion and clothing with a conscious has made way for resources, funds and a resounding applause from the general public. In Berlin, where lifestyle is governed by the nuances of social activism and a conscious is the real currency, designers have focused on the formation of collectives and all-inclusive agencies.

AA-Collected is a multi-faceted agency and concept store in Berlin wholly owned and operated by local designers. Maintaining just over fifteen labels, AA-Collected provides a creative outlet and support group for designers, offering event management, public relations, shoot production and a retail space for exposure.  Those looking into the daunting task of founding a start-up collection or concept store can contact the collective for ideas and advice regarding any and all aspects of running a label. By shifting focus away from any particular designs or aesthetic, AA-Collected has confirmed that consulting, aiding and serving is an aesthetic.


Schön!, Institute Magazine and White Lies Magazine are among the independent publications AA-Collected has produced and shot look books for, proving that a small collection and an even smaller venue can create traction when the right people, resources and community are behind independent fashion labels. Pop-up shops at both local and global venues like Bikini Berlin, launch parties for new and upcoming designers and appearances at outdoor markets display the breadth a collective can achieve from locals-only audiences.

In June 2018, AA-Collected will be temporarily relocating to Wien to showcase all that Berlin independent designers have to offer. This traveling pop-up will be providing updates and features via Instagram for those interested.