Girl Smells in Berlin

 Images courtesy, Girl Smells

Images courtesy, Girl Smells

Growing into one’s own is better compared to a rabbit hole of endless challenges than a particular ‘phase’ in life. Particularly for girls and young women around the world, a quick glimpse in the bathroom mirror presents real-life horror movie scenarios instead of profound opportunities to discover the unique functions and blossoming changes underway.


New hair growth? Remove it.

Tangy smells? Mask it.

Menstruation? Don’t discuss it. 

Breasts? Here’s a bra.


One incredibly excitable aspect of being a child of the new millennium is that companies, large and small, are redefining and revolutionizing how they approach women, their bodies and their choices. Organic and reusable pads and tampons are allowing women to spend more money on books and less money on ‘necessities.’ Local naturopaths and homeopaths are offering alternative methods to everything from female health and diet, to new child-birth options sans medicine and supplements – it seems that all bases are covered, right?

Now, fast-forward to Girl Smells, a cosmetics and beauty line based right here in Berlin, and you might feel as though a new Millennium is already here. Founded by Ella and Claire, Girl Smells promises a presentation of ‘less is more’ – natural, wildcrafted ingredients and mixtures, sustainable packaging and excellent results. The Underarm Detox Mask and Deodorant are the two staples from their ever-expanding collection – and they are products to adjust to, and grow with, unlike other chemical-laden products on the market.

Made to work with the hormones, lifestyle and needs of women, Girl Smells aides in the process of switching your deodorant routine to an all-organic one, which naturally comes with smelly side effects. The Detox Mask is to be used nightly, as-needed while adjusting to an organic underarm program and helps pull out years of toxins, as well as the changing that smells that happen during menstruation. Their products are cruelty free, just as their packaging is cruelty-free to the environment – perfectly reusable, distinct and cute.

One suggestion? The extensive range of Body Cleansers and much-hyped Body Oil containing Babassu and Peach Kernel oils. Another suggestion? Try a nice, long dry-brushing session in the morning prior to showering and massage the Body Oil in post-shower for soft, supple and healthy skin.

Developing a range of products that are working with women’s bodies, rather than against it, is just what we need for this Millennium, and the next.